Zhou Song

Zhou Song (b. 1982, Jiangxi, China) graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. His paintings and sculptures explore intersections between machine aesthetics and biomorphism at the nexus of art, science and philosophy: imagining futures at once posthuman and deeply humane. Whether questioning the potential outcomes of contemporary sciences, or the impact of the constant expansion of the universe on human desire and destiny, Zhou’s paintings thrive in a state of contradiction and openness.

Zhou’s solo exhibitions include “Zhou Song: Inflating Universe” (Shanghai How Art Museum, China 2022); “Zhou Song: Mass Energy” (Beijing Guardian Art Centre, China 2022) and “Zhou Song” (Today Art Museum, China 2009). Important group exhibitions include “Personal Structures" (European Cultural Centre Art Biennale, Palazzo Bembo, Venice 2022); “Re-Thinking Future -13th Havana Biennale” (Galeria Origenes, El Gran Teatro de la Habana, Cuba 2019); “5th Chengdu Biennale” (Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, China 2011) and “The First Today’s Documents Exhibition” (Today Art Museum, China 2007).

Zhou Song currently lives and works in Beijing, China.


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