Liu Guangyun

1962 born in Jinan, China

1987 Central Academy of Fine Arts & Design, Beijing

now living and working in Shanghai and Mainz, Germany

Exhibitions (Selection)


2022  “Minor Universes : Technology-Led Emotion” Chengdu Art Museum

”Decentral Art Pavilion”,Venice ,Italy

“Time Light Laboratory”,Kunsthalle Hannover,Germany


2021    “Unfinished”, Himalaya ArtMuseum, Shanghai

         ”Almost Paradise – Mis/Perceptions ofLeisure and Labor in Asia – Pacific”

          Shanghai Duolun Museeum of Modern


2020    Pavilion“O2”  Kunst Halle Faust,Hannover, Germany


2019  “chinese art today”Kunsthaus Interlaken,Switzerland

       “ Zero” TaffContemporaryArt Museum, Chengdu,China

     “ Transcending Dimension: Sculpting Space ” 2019 Pingshan International Sculpture          Exhibition ,China


2018    “Beyond The Wall – Xian ContemporaryArt Exhibition 2018” Xian Art Museum, China

            “Still waters rum deep”, Shanghai Himalaya Art Museum

               “Abstract Plus“, Yuan Art Museum, Chongqing, China

2017    “Attitude Chinese-German Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Shanghai Yun Art Center


2016    5th Mediation Biennale Poznan, Poland

       “error: X” - ‘Ostrale‘ O16, Dresden, Germany

        “Bullet Channel” Solo Exhibition, Kunst Halle Hannover, Germany


2015                13thJogja Biennale “Hotel de Inmigrante” Project, Indonesia

       “Art Space Germany”, Wuhan Art Museum, China

       “Handle With Care“ - ‘Ostrale‘ O15,Dresden, Germany

2014                “I feel good” Solo Exhibition in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, China

                       “Cosmos”, Shanghai M21 Art Museum, China

2013     Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi - City Biennale2013

           “Transmedia Art”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France


2012                “On the way home” -  Shanghai Biennale SpecialExhibition, China

           “Tina B”, The PragueContemporary Art Festival, Czech

         ”Jetlag“Multimedia Contemporary Art China, Hannover, Germany  


2011      ”Time X” SoloExhibition, Linda Gallery, Singapore

         “Surface”Solo Exhibition, Gallery Witzel, Wiesbaden, Germany

2010     “Updating China”, Himalaya Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China


2008    “Intrude 366”Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, China


2007    “Videonale”,Museum Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

           “Soft Power” Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, China

           “Asia - Europemediation”, National Museum Poznan, Poland

           “11 Videonale” Bonn Art Museum, Germany

2006      9th Havanna Biennale, Cuba


2005    “Two Asia, two Europe”, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China

        “Chiffre of Change”, Solo Exhibition TUFA Art Centre, Trier, Germany  


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